Perception is reality


By: Chelsea Montes de Oca

I remain always in my head

Growing up it’s where I fled

Reveling in the possibilities ahead

Breeding thoughts to drown realities dread

Close your eyes

And misplaced rage is erased

Close your eyes

Your world is a blank slate

When my home couldn’t be a safe place

My head provided that escape

Resulting in a mind so fast paced

But the captain of its own rat race

Close your eyes

With them you can’t win

Close your eyes

Fuel yourself from within

I often feel my heart might burst

If my head doesn’t first

You see my comforting mind is cursed

I’ve trained it to see beauty in the worst

When I find a reality to quench its thirst

I swear I’ll submerse myself head first

Without consideration or thought

Because it’s what never could be bought

That prevented internal rot

Imagined opportunities self-taught

Turned self-made realities for which I’ve fought

Tooth and nail, weary and sore

And I remain hungry for more

With passion fueling my core

And a myriad of doors left to explore

Close your eyes

But start making plans

Open your eyes

Your worlds in your hands

Maybe the hardest dreams

Are the ones life’s gifted to me.

Paths from which either way gleam

And where infinite possibilities team

So loudly I could burst at the seams

At least that’s how I see

And this perception is my reality